Leave a Little to the Imagination

May 2, 2011
Ah summer the short shorts, spaghetti straps, and barley there bikinis all come out of hibernation and are in full force. You can’t walk around anywhere without seeing someone’s butt checks or cleavage. You go to the beach and you see strappy bikinis with a loincloth covering those areas. It seems like every year the fabric gets smaller and the girls wearing it get younger. What is the world coming to, my mother would have locked me in my room if I tried to leave the house in what young girls are wearing now, and I am only a few years older than them. It is amazing how fast society’s standards fell in a matter of five years, it is now the norm for young girls to be showing off their barley there goodies. You see them in the mall bunched together like they own the place, swinging their hips back and forth, and sticking out their butts (which looks like it would be painful after awhile). You walk behind them and think; what are they doing?

In seventh and eighth grade I didn’t even know what the store Victoria’s Secret was or how to put on make-up. Now though, you aren’t cool if you don’t get your panties and push up bras from Victoria’s Secret or pay 50 dollars for one of their Pink items. Your look isn’t complete if you don’t have and inch thick of eyeliner on or a pound of cover up on. It is a shame that girls can no longer just worry about being young and enjoying the last couple years of their youth. They are more concerned about catching the attention of the hot senior boy who will only use them for sex and then leave them broken hearted. Why don’t girls realize this? It is the same story over and over.

Maybe society’s to blame. In the supermarket you see magazines with beautiful models plastered on the cover, TV shows have skinny sexy actresses playing the lead role. Also the quality of these shows and movies has gone severely down hill. You don’t even blink an eye when a sex scene flashes across the television screen. The media worships the women that make themselves into a false sort of pretty, or society’s definition of pretty, the women in the media all have plastic surgery, breast enhancements or other reconstructive surgery. These are the women that young girls look up to. Little ten year olds watch Miley Cyrus and then she comes out with a sexy photo shoot where she is wrapped up in a bed sheet; there aren’t many role models for young girls to look up to. They see their favorite actress naked on a magazine cover and they want to be like that.

Society needs to stop making women out of these girls but then parents also have to step up and watch out for their children. Parents today have an obsession with being young and they live vicariously through their children. Moms want to be cool and they shop in the teeny bopper stores trying to prevent the inevitable aging. In order to be the cool mom they don’t enforce correct moral behavior, they let their 11 year olds shop in lingerie stores for underwear, wear ultra mini skirts and shorts that show their butt checks. Young girls need a mom that is confident in herself someone they can look up to, not as a friend but as a mother and our society is having a shortage of them.

Wake up people. If we don’t stop this vicious cycle in the next couple generations it will be okay to wear lacy underwear out in public. It will be the norm to have already had multiple sex partners before you are 14. We need to stop this constant obsession with trying to be society’s pretty; it’s okay to leave a little to the imagination.

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