legalize gay marriage

April 18, 2011
By Anonymous

I believe that everyone should be treated equal. I believe that us Americans discriminate against gays way too often. We allow interracial marriages, we are only hindering gays from getting married and not stopping them, and it shows prejudice.
After segregation against blacks we began treating the blacks the same as all other Americans. How are gays any different? Gay men and women are just normal people with different preferences. Why is it ok for interracial marriages but not gay marriages? There are many opinions on why people are gay weather they were born with it or if it’s a choice. Although it’s really not important. America is known as the land of the free, but the way that it is now its only free for certain people depending on whom you are.
We are not completely stopping the gays either. Gays can simply go to California to get married. Since they can get married anyways there really isn’t a point for us not to allow them to get married. This law keeping gays from getting married does not stop them from getting married it simply only hinders them.
The law that is set in place that does not allow gays to get married in Florida and many other states shows a pure form of prejudice in our country. With the Obama administration their campaign was centered on change. Americans are always striving for change. Change and progress are major aspects that keep our country improving. Maybe it’s time that we Americans reevaluate the law against gay marriages as a way to change the country for the better.
Gay marriage should be legalized because it is prejudice the way it is now, it limits the country’s freedom and shows a large digression in our country’s improvements.

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