Maid Next to the Princess

April 11, 2011
Here we go again, she exhaustingly picky at all times. This little ridiculous princess reclaimed her absence at the party and her parents insist that she must attend. Why? Because they want her to find her “right” husband? Seriously, who would want to take this little nagging bird as his own lovely wife. She is not only too young to understand the world around her, but she also gets exuberant over a silky curly brown teddy bear with pink ribbon, just like the one that she always wears on her hair. Her parents are sneaking over the door again; they never put themselves in action because they always want to be appeared as the elegant people. This is also another ridiculous prejudice. It is not like you would not maintain your elegancy over a short flaming throw of shouting at high pitch on your child due to the child’s defiance. Once again, as always, the elegant-wannabe parents are anxiously sneaking over the door to see if their little rebellious one is attending the party to save the family by finding a wealthy savior. We, every maid in this palace, young to old, men to women, are always flustered with this little witch. But what can I say. This little wicked thing is born with the earthly fortune, but definitely with no understandable reason. So here we go again, we bend over to flatter her with the sweetest fake words as many as possible that, if possible, would counted in number and set in stacks to float out of this humongous palace. What a routine of my boring life at my first and only twenties.

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