It's just another day...

April 10, 2011
By DeathlyGrace GOLD, Kingwood, Texas
DeathlyGrace GOLD, Kingwood, Texas
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"I'm nobody. Who are you? Are you nobody to?"
Emilie Dickinson

It's just another day, that we sit back and watch life roll by. Another day that we waste, trying to be just like everyone else. Simply another day, that we can ignore the beauty of the world. When will the pattern break? When will someone step up and admit that they can't take life? We are all trapped by the rut, which we have created. We are blind sighted... the walls are blocking or vision. We move forward, without looking back. No matter how we may try, we will never rid this world of it's dreadful title... Hell On Earth. A fitting title. Only those who have lifted themselves from the hole we have fallen into see the beauty... and the horrors of the world. The life we thought we knew is no longer. Welcome to Hell...

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