Maryland Driving Age

April 10, 2011
By BradWriter1 BRONZE, Bel Air, Maryland
BradWriter1 BRONZE, Bel Air, Maryland
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The Maryland driving age should not be raised to eighteen. These next few paragraphs will set the basic foundation on the positives of teen driving in Maryland. Private non-profit colleges cost an average of $27,293 a year on tuition and fees. Obtaining a good job at a young age with efficient work hours is a key factor in owning a car. With this stated, the economy may not be in as much country-wide debt. In Maryland the driving age should not be raised to eighteen because, teens have passed various tests to prove knowledge. Teens need independent transportation to enjoy life and complete personal responsibilities. As well as, proof showing teens are innocent until proven guilty.

Firstly, tests do in fact prove knowledge. A new graduating licensing program (GDL) has affected the U.S. Accidents have decreased throughout the country by 46%. Furthermore, GDL systems affect social life. “It’s a social rite of passage.” Says Margot Danker a Baltimore resident and teenager. Specialized programs have a foremost impact on improving knowledge. Doubling these programs will have half the accidents in the near future. Driving attributes can be acquired at a young age. As long as, these young adults understand the concept on the road.

Secondly, teens feel they have the right to drive lacking a restriction. Without a license prevents teens form transporting themselves to sporting events and school activities. In addition to family chores. For instance, you may need to run out and grab a loaf of bread from the local store. Overall, in the incoming few years teens will be pursuing college. Each year colleges raise the price of tuition and student loans. Sixteen year olds need to put more pennies in their piggy bank. Like Margot told press it’s a social rite of passage to take the initiative to get a job. Working efficient hours at the nearby bowling alley saves money quickly and easily. Without a car parents will feel the need to drive teens to and from work. It is common sense parents have personal lives too. Teens cannot rely on their parents 24-7.

Lastly, if teens started driving at 18. They would have diminutive experience with a car and let alone the true world. When turning 18 teens will want to rely on their parents from use of parental knowledge. Statistics and studies provide evidence that a 16 year old is no more irresponsible than an 18 year old. If teens started driving at 18 that age group of kids will get into crashes nationwide. Furthermore, a principle our country lives by is “innocent until proven guilty.” Rising the driving age labels teens as guilty before given keys. Instead of lawmakers parents should have the right to decide when their child is ready to operate a deadly vehicle. As I previously stated, not all teens are precarious on the road. Teens that work hard to deserve a license should have the right to use it. The main priority for a teen is not to drive across the country. They will drive mainly for work, sports, and school activities. Most teens have lived in an area to safely know it. The numerous years they have spent in a car, as a passenger riding up and down the road is known. So, they know the roads and speed limits, what is now stopping them? Yet, small accidents will happen. It’s a life issue we have to live with. Other than that what is the controversial deal?

In conclusion, it is basic common sense that teen driving should be legal throughout the state of Maryland. These teens have passed various tests to prove knowledge. They need independent transportation to enjoy life and teens are innocent until proven guilty. I strongly encourage all of you to encourage GDL system. So, those teens now and incoming can shape and secure a safe and positive future.

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