Real Truth About Parent's Love

March 16, 2011
By BookFan BRONZE, New York, New York
BookFan BRONZE, New York, New York
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When I was little my mother used to tell me that someday I would understand everything and it always made me curious what secret sense did she and everyone else implied. But I could just guess and wait for the time when I'll be ready to understand this. And to be honest, I’m so close to start my adult life and I still don’t understand everything and sometimes I think that no one can completely do this. But, there are also a lot of things which I wish to never understand and to be again that girl who imagined that that was a secret code of a magic world of endless possibilities for adults.
So, keeping to the point, I think that trying to protect us from real life some of parents can just overdo it and a real truth just breaks into our world and crashes everything we used to believe in and then it completely changes everything, including us. So, in that way not all of us can easy take it and turn it into another life's experience.
I consider, that also another important problem of relationship between parents and children is how hard is for parents to set the example for their children in our wild world. They teach us all the rules and Earth's laws? They tell us fairy tales, showing us that there's a clear line between good and evil. So, every child thinks that his parents are keeping all the rules and are perfect. But in fact, the parents, maybe, not really willing this, they have to do some things to survive in this horrible life with completely different social conditions and principles, and after all they have to keep their heads up, pretending that they're so right and excellent parents. I'm sure, it's really hard, but maybe, that's another problem of this relationship.
That's why, I think that all the children have to accustom themselves that there aren't perfect people and if we really love our parents , we have to forgive them and to get to know all their sides, as we appreciate them in our lives. So, maybe, in that way, parents won't lie their children neither will their children in return. Of course, it will come with a time, but it will ruin some invisible wall between them and will make their love stronger and parent's life easier, because if the closest people as parents and their children pretend to each other, so there won't leave any frankness and honesty in our spoiled world.

The author's comments:
We must think less about ourselves and more about hard life of our parents because they deserve so much more than we can give them in return for everything they've done for us.

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