Is Lying Really a "Cool" Thing?

March 3, 2011
To utter falsehood with deceitful intentions is the definition of liars. I hate when people lie right to my face, especially when they don’t know that I realize what they are doing. We all know what this is like and have examples in our lives. When it’s friends or family I thought I could trust, it makes it harder to believe. Everyone needs to know when they are being lied to, but sometimes the only one that knows is the person that is lying.

It irritates me when people will risk their friendships for a little white lie to make them sound “cooler” or to hide something from another person. Friendship is too important to lose just because of a fib. I don’t see the point in saying anything that’s not true when it could ruin relationships with others. Telling the truth is so much easier and safer. If anyone is a big enough fool to lie to their friends then they don’t deserve them. It’s always better to know the truth than to know a lie.

A family is very important to keep strong. When someone lies in a family, it’s a lot harder to believe them when they talk, especially if it’s something that split the parents up. Their children’s lives can change dramatically in negative ways because of lying.
The word integrity is a powerful word in the human language. The dictionary definition is, total honesty and sincerity. If more people had integrity, meaning that they would have the moral courage to make their actions consistent with their knowledge of right and wrong, our world would be a wonderful place to be in. We would have world peace.
When people lie, it can cause depression and feelings of negative self worth. It ruins boundaries of trust and can lead to unreliability. Anyone who has betrayed another’s confidence and confidential information can really cause barriers between friendships.

It can be difficult to forgive those who choose to lie and expose untrue rumors. However, I do think it is important to know how to forgive. Everyone deserves a second chance to prove that they can be truthful, but after lying, it can become very difficult to forgive.

Lying can become a bad habit and an addictive behavior. Some people may lie for attention or greed. Others may lie to be accepted in school and other activities or to manipulate others to get what they want. All of these reasons for lying are wrong. We all need to make an effort to stop the lies to people around us.
Lets commit to never lie to anyone we come in contact with from this second on. Nobody likes liars, so we all should stop lying and simply tell the truth. It will save us from unnecessary problems in the future. People who lie are like people who don’t know how to tie their shoes. They are not thinking of the risks such as tripping over a shoe lace and when someone lies, they are not thinking of the risks of losing those who are close to them.

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