Time to Change

March 2, 2011
By capripalm BRONZE, Heber, Utah
capripalm BRONZE, Heber, Utah
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Anger does not create anything, it does not solve anything, it only destroys everything.

Jake was texting as he was walking down the dreaded high school hallway. He had been having a long day, but when a girl passed him, probably a sophomore, she smiled at him. His natural reaction was to roll his eyes. He was, after all, someone who always got attention and never returned the favor. This time was different though, after she passed he couldn’t help but smile. What was that about? Some total stranger had brightened his day just by smiling at him…
The Considerate do just that: a little smile here, an encouragement there to help a little with everybody. If that unknown sophomore hadn’t smiled at Jake he wouldn’t have experienced the subtle, yet profound impact of the Considerate. Jake was a card-carrying member of The Glarers: people who go through life looking down on others, while expecting others to look up to and revere them. Yet, that afternoon in the hallway, the influence of the Considerate had affected him; perhaps he will soon understand and accept there are other ways to be “powerful.”

Our three-some of cousins have always gotten along and had a great time, until a year ago. That’s when the oldest (close to a year older than me) decided that she was immensely better than the younger two of our triplet. For a while “Blondie’s” actions really hurt my self-esteem. Blondie has continued to look down on us and make distinct boundaries between age and interests. She thinks that she is so much better than us and it’s created a wedge between us and our once-strong friendships. What happened? She left the Considerate for the Glarers without much explanation. Was it insecurity, peer pressure, or stress? All of these excuses are the realistic factors that make Considerates think that they aren’t good enough to be a Considerate anymore. A smile here and there can do a lot, for everyone.

The Glarers are everywhere; they are your typical teenagers who don’t want to listen, or the businessman that doesn’t want to waste too much of his precious time on you. The Glarers section people off into categories: the Glarers on top with the Considerate below them. The obnoxious part begins when it gets in the way of friendships that could become powerful and strong. The Considerate are a growing army, and they welcome everyone to join. The Considerates must show the Glarers their power too. Smile, at anyone and everyone.
What’s crazy is that the world is so filled with people who operate this way. I find it puzzling. Working together as equals we could unite and build each other up, and all be better off. By creating an environment where Glarers are not given the power, self-centeredness is frowned upon, and feeling inferior isn’t a hinderance, achieving greatness actually seems possible. The Considerate are a growing people, join them now. Don’t reject our “friend request.”

The author's comments:
Pet Peeves, what obstacles! "Glarers", it's time to change.

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