Why People Bother Me

March 1, 2011
By Jordan Horengic BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
Jordan Horengic BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
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One day in English we were told to write down everything that irritates us. Of course my list went on forever! However, one thing just seemed to push my buttons a little more then the rest. It is when people fake laugh or pretend to laugh. I mean if it is not funny then don’t laugh! You can always tell when someone is fake laughing, because it is usually a very high pitched, extremely annoying sound. It also seems to go on for longer than needed.

What makes this subject even more annoying is that I know I also do it! I mean I bet everyone has faked laughed or acted as though something was funny when it really wasn’t. Every kid has probably laughed at their parents “funny” jokes; I know I have. When you’re the one doing it, it doesn’t seem as bad, because you think you are doing the right thing by saving their feelings, but in all honesty you’re only making the situation worse. Many people don’t realize this until they are the ones getting the fake laugh.
I have a friend who always fakes her laugh just to make people feel good. It really irritates me because I know when she is faking it, and so I know then what I said wasn’t funny! What makes it even worse is that everyone else also knows that she is fake laughing, so then it is just more embarrassing for me. Just like one time I cracked a joke that I thought was just hilarious. The bad part was that the only person to laugh at my super-funny joke was my best friend, but she was fake laughing! She also could have not made it a more obvious fake laugh. It was more of a hyena sound then a laugh.

I also do not like when people use fake laughing to suck up in class. Such as if they laugh at the teachers non funny jokes. I mean it is just pathetic! My history teacher, Mr. Wilkin, says so many jokes during class. Some I have to admit are kind of funny, but others are horrible. However, one of friends will laugh at every single one of his jokes, even if it is an awful one. On the jokes that everyone with a right mind would know isn’t funny, she does her very odd fake laugh. The sad part is it is not even a good fake laugh, so then everyone just laughs at her pathetic attempt to fake laugh. I think people do this just to try to make a good impression on the teacher, but I mean if they spent a little more time on their grades then they wouldn’t need to do that.

This is why fake laughing is very rude and inconsiderate thing to do. So from now on people should only laugh if they think it is funny! I mean when you fake laugh you are really only embarrassing yourself, and of course the person who you are fake laughing at.

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