Cant you see that they're not liking this!!!

February 28, 2011
By Anonymous

I am sure we are all well acquainted with the ways emotions can strike and how they can make someone act, in most instances the one in the vulnerable state likes to be left alone. I thought that was just common sense, now I am much less convinced thanks to the
Yakidi-yacks that could be right next door!
I think we all love this nation, but I do believe that Yakidi-yackers have become so self centered and selfish, that they don’t know when their yacking has gone. I am generally very patient, and pride myself to say so. However I think we can all agree that some yacks that are off in “la la land” can’t fully comprehend any situation that is handed to them. Has this nation no sense of dignity, self pride, or just flat out consciences much less sympathy? Please forgive me if I sound harsh. It may be that I’m just obsessive and easily irritated. But I believe stating my case will pull the American audience to my side.
I was privy to such an event when a woman I knew had tear lines streaking down her face. Now this woman I’ll let you know is not one to get upset easily, so as you can imagine I was a bit shocked. Before I could ask some of my Yakidi-yack companions if they knew what was wrong with her the Yakidi-yack jumped out and exclaimed, “hey what’s wrong with you!” my jaw still hurts it hit the floor so hard! She explained very vaguely that she just had a rough day and left it at that. But the Yakidi-yack persisted at interrogating her until she would tell him why she was upset. The Yakidi-yack would have continued had I not yanked his yakidi yahoo toward a corner and told him to leave her alone and that she was obviously looking for solitude. The woman ended up thanking me later
Can’t someone catch a drift, or pick up body language? Trust me I was sensitive to the woman’s situation but I could tell she did not of all things want to talk about what was bothering her. The same thing happens in classrooms when a teacher asks a Yakidi-yack student to be quiet or stop whatever they are doing, and they continue to disrupt the class. Or, one of my personal favorite Yakidi-yack come-backs when you ask someone to be quiet and they use the classic, “well why don’t you” response. I can see why some people can absolutely snap in a stressed environment.
An astonishing factor to be considered is when Yakidi-yacks can’t even respect a quiet or meaningful place like a library, church, or memorial. Hold respect for others you blather mouths! Maybe we should just make way for them since they think themselves to be kings, and better than all of us. Then we could be a Yakidi-yacking world filled with nothing but mindless, pointless, unjustified yacking! Does that sound like a very good design? However, in situations like this, why make a scene and let them get to you? It’s not worth it unless you feel the need to stand up for someone who is incapable of doing so even if they are trying to prove a point.
It is obvious that Yakidi-yacks are cowards, and we aren’t able to stand up for something worth fighting for, like dignity! Why Yakidi-yacks act this way I must say it’s a mystery. If you asked me for an answer I would have to say narcissism. The public is constantly feeling more at ease as things are handed to them that make life easier. And I guess in doing so, the Yakidi-yacks think themselves granted permission to push others around.
Now what could save us from ourselves? I believe the answer is in the respect for others. If we simply become aware of those around us, and not become Yakidi-yacks, we might show some self dignity. Not to mention sticking our feet in our mouths. Because of this, I believe that America has the will power to do such a thing. The fate of our nation’s dignity is in our own hands.

The author's comments:
I just can't believe that people don't know when they may be hurting someone emotionally. I know everyone knows at least one person that acts like this.

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