Drive-Thru Drunkies

March 1, 2011
By , Heber City, UT
"Oh my, the drive thru got it wrong again? Great, now I can't eat this, and I'm starving!" Has that ever happened to you? The drive thru is a big part of America, and just about everybody uses it when they feel like eating one of those fresh, delicious hamburgers. So you could say that pretty much everyone is a fast food eater, and for good reason too. I mean what could be more convenient than having access to a freshly made hamburger without even having to get out of your car? The only problem is that your order, which is already starting to make your mouth water before you open it, might not exactly be the thing you ordered and that your mouth is watering for.

I know it has definitely happened to me before. One day, I was starving to the point where my stomach was eating itself. I decided to go through the Arby's drive thru for one main reason, their sauce. If you don't feel the same way I do, then eating Arby's without their sauce is like eating pancakes without butter or syrup. So you can imagine how upset I was when I received my very large order with no sauce to go with it despite me specifically asking for "a ton of Arby's sauce."

And I'm not the only one; there are many victims out there who have experienced troubles with fast food workers under the influence. What is it that makes it so orders can be distorted and ruined? Maybe those drive thru drunkies just don't care about that little request in the order enough to make sure it gets done right. I can see it right now,"what is a little squirt of mustard going to do? It can't be that bad." Well in my eyes it definitely can. But at least I could eat it, although I wouldn't enjoy it. But what if a victim happened to be allergic to mustard and they had to go hungry because of it? Then it becomes a big problem.

And it's not like it is easy to go back and get it fixed. By the time you excitedly open the wrapping only to find a big disappointment, you could already be a mile away from the restaurant. Some victims are patient enough to drive back and get the order right. If you are one of those people that choose to do so, you will end up enjoying your food still, but what a huge inconvenience! When this happens, it's a choice of driving back a ways and wasting 5-10 minutes of time (which might make you late for something), or eating your spoiled food that is not the delicious hamburger you were looking forward to.

Did you know that the premier job for a high school drop-out is to work at a fast food restaurant? I think this may be our problem. If you give a job to someone who couldn't even finish high school, then they are bound to make a mistake. So when a manager at a fast food restaurant hires a drunky at the drive thru then they are putting all of our meals in jeopardy as fast food eaters. We are victims of fast food workers under the influence and it ruins the days of many. Because, as fast food eaters, we love food, and when we get excited to eat something and it gets ruined it can have a negative effect on our day for sure.

So what can we do about this drive thru drunky problem of ours? To be honest, I'm not sure. But we should cherish every time we use a sober drive thru, and thank them for being sober in a world of drive thru's that are now under the influence. a day may come when the fast food eaters and the drive thru drunkis are at peace, and there will be no potential victims as we pull up to that pick up window. But until that day comes, we can only hope and pray that our ordered food will satisfy.

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