Why We Need Hunting

March 8, 2011
By Anonymous

Hunting is one of Americas oldest past times. Sadly this practice is facing criticism from animal rights organizations. I do not understand how a lot of people can be against this effective, inexpensive, and necessary form of recreation.
Hunting is an effective form of animal management. It works because it will remove small populations of animals and prevents them from reproducing. Since predators in the wild are in record low numbers for the United States, hunters are performing the roll of a wolf or a cougar in keeping the groups willdlife in check. Reducing the number of deer, or any big game animal, will cut dangerous human conflict with wild animals such as car collisions with javelina. That “road kill” could have easily fed someone in need of food, and that’s another point I’m try to get across.
Most hunters kill for food, is that any different than killing a cow or a chicken? At least the animals we kill are wild and could have escaped unlike captive animals that are grown for food and are slaughtered. Wild animals were born free and had a chance to live a normal life before they were killed unlike livestock which are mutated and injected with strange chemicals just so they grow bigger to supply our demand for meat.
Hunting is also good for the economy. Not only do hunters kill for free, but most states require a permit which can cost anywhere from $15 to $300 depending on the animal and state. That gives the state economy a little boost when hunting season arrives. The number of permits given out each year is closely monitored by top scientists that calculate exactly how many animals can be taken away from an area without hurting the ecology of the region. So the amount willdlife is never in the danger zone.
Each year fewer and fewer people are hunting and the ecosystem is getting out of control. In recent studies the deer population has grown 10% in the last year. This is almost the same with other game animals. Anti-hunting activist say that over killing is a big problem in the wild. This is falsely worded statement that has no truth to it. The number willd animals in the US is very stable and the numbers of animals being killed are not having any major effect in the world. To say the hunting is cruelty to animals is wrong. Hunting protects everyone, in the long run, in ways I can’t even begin to count.

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