Wait What??

March 3, 2011
By bballsoccer44 BRONZE, Wallsburg, Utah
bballsoccer44 BRONZE, Wallsburg, Utah
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Try picturing this scenario: You’re telling your friend a story, this story isn’t short. At the end of the story, gasping for breath, you look at your friend. When all you receive is a “wait what?” in return, it just doesn’t feel right.
Then picture this, your fingers are cramping up, your nearing the end of your story/ text. It feels like a victory when you hit the “send” button. Could there be any more of a disappointment than to receive a “wait what” in return?
When a common citizen is talking to another common citizen, wouldn’t you expect it to be a common courtesy to listen? Isn’t that how society is? Doesn’t it go tell the story and be listened to? Maybe it’s just so simple we forget about it.
Sure I understand if the person telling the story talks too fast for is just not making sense. But when that isn’t happening, why not listen?
When a story teller is going to take the time to tell us the story let’s try and listen. Please don’t be a false listener. Story tellers are taking the time to tell it and we should give them the respect. After all, they deserve it.
We can’t be perfect, no one can be. But yes, we can put forth the little effort it might take. If the person isn’t going to take the time to listen wouldn’t it be better if they just told us that they weren’t interested? It’s energy draining to tell a story, not to mention twice! This is a small thing we can fix for sure.
All of that was about the first scenario, what about the second one? You know, with the texting, cramping fingers, and followed by a one word response. Ringing a bell? Do you ever think “read it twice punk, slower this time?” This one is easy too! Just read it through twice. If you don’t get it then, sure, ask what they mean.
It really seems like we just forget to do these things. Maybe cause they’re so simple, maybe not. We can’t be perfect with this either but we can try! Let’s do it, and perhaps make someone’s day!

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