Hang Loose

March 3, 2011
By Anonymous

In “Powder” by Tobias Wolff he said “I knew we would get caught; I was resigned to it. And maybe for this reason I stopped moping and and began to enjoy myself.” I think that that describes how he is starting to finally relax and enjoy the car ride with his father. In my opinion that also states that he is finally starting to just hang loose.

It started when the dad decided to stay and ski one more round. As a result when they left to come home for Christmas the roads were closed from the snow storm that was happening. Then they decided to go to the diner and have a cup of coffee and hope that the road would get better again. Therefore they decided to stay in the little diner until the dad did something completely crazy. That is why the dad should not have stayed and skied for that long, because of this the boy freaked out instead of just hanging loose.

When he says that “I figured he'd called my mother, but he didn't give a report,” that he is anxious to see what was going to happen next. He was also exited to see who it was that his father had called. In a way, he was still to scared to ask who it was. I think that he was to scared because after that sentence he never asked who his father fad called. That is why I think that he is anxious.

I also know that the theme of this story is hang loose because he was so freaked out because he did not know what his mother was going to do to him. Mostly he was probably worried about his father. I always get freaked out when my dad and I take a long time doing things. He seems like he is loosening up finally and just enjoying what life is bringing him. This is why I know that he is hanging loose.

This is why I am positive that the theme is to just hang loose. My personal idea is that the boy is a party pooper. He could also be considered, being a spaz. The only reason he would be a spaz is because he freaks out threw the whole story until the vary end. So there you have it, this is why I know that threw this story he starts to hang loose and enjoy being with his father.

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