Memoirs of a Teenage Underdog

February 6, 2011
Wake up. Check my phone. Is there a message from him? No. Log on Facebook. Five notification. Three of them including him. I smile. Time to brush my teeth, eat, get ready, and I'm out the door for school. It takes an hour. New York City transportation is a crazy pain in the BLEEP. I've got my iPod blasting the whole time. The whole time I'm thinking "I waited five months and you've finally fallen for me.. and I didn't even try this time." I see you in the morning when you pass by my locker. We smile, our eyes meet, and it makes me wonder if you will change my life. But I'm the underdog in this game. I'm trying to find my way around you. I never let my guard down. I promise I'll stay true to myself. Just promise me you'll stay true to you. Whatever happens, I'm there for you.

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