Losing A Friend

February 4, 2011
By darkangle56 BRONZE, Antioch, Illinois
darkangle56 BRONZE, Antioch, Illinois
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"a wise girl kiss but never loves, listens but doesnt believe, and leaves before she is left"

Have you ever lost someone super close to you? Not to drugs, or natural, or anything along those lines. Have you ever lost someone to them committing suicide? I have. So close to me, my best friend, love, brother, everything and now gone. its one thing to think its not real but another to know it is. wishing you could have said everything you truly meant. to say a final i love you and goodbye. one thing i know is life wont be the same well for it feels that way. you cant get the closer you want but you have to know they will always be in your heart and be grateful for the time you spent with them and cherish the moment and memories you had with that person. If you have thoughts of it think twice. look at the people you will end up hurting and leaving behind. its never the answer.

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