Dependency on Electronics

February 4, 2011
By littlenicky25 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
littlenicky25 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Electronics have a choke hold upon our modern day society. All these new gadgets are implemented to make life simpler. That is something they defiantly do but at what cost. Everyone revolves their whole day around their electronics.

From waking up to the time the average human goes to sleep, they rely on their electronics with their lives. They depend on their alarm clocks to wake up but god forbid it does not go off. Then they would have over slept by a long shot. If that does not frighten someone with the threat of losing their career looming over them, then what about their car. What if no modes of transportation worked? They would have to walk everywhere like their ancestors. Now with the fact of being late to their job and not having a means to get there, obviously they think about calling in sick. Too bad, now their phone doesn’t work because, you guessed it, it’s electronical. Now unless they are a high ranking official in their job, more than likely they will lose it. So now they have no job and no income. Basically a dependency on electronics has caused that person to become a bum.
That is just one person’s life being destroyed by the end of technology. What if this happened on a global scale? Hospitals, schools and big business would all have to come to an end. Hospitals would lose a plethora of patients in the ICU. Schools wouldn’t be able to teach the children of the world, thus making the new generation less knowledgeable then their parent’s one. McDonalds, Chevron and Walmart would all have to shut down therefore creating difficulty in carrying out simple errands. The end of technology would mean the end of our utopian society worldwide.

As one can see if technology was to end abruptly one day, we as a people would be clueless on how we would carry out our lives. Now don’t assume that I am a person that doesn’t use electronics. I am a victim of this culture of ours as well. We need to limit this dependency or the end of the civilized homosapien will end.

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