February 22, 2011
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The will to live has motivated mankind to endure the pain of time. While decade through decade we have evolved…adapted to this pain. Allowing man to push His way up through the food chain. He invents new tools to help Him survive. Yet the inventions that were meant to help turned into weapons that have only one purpose. That purpose is to kill/eliminate anything or anyone that got in their way. At first these weapons were used with love. The user of the weapons used it to protect their loved one. But this love was tainted with greed, and, like an infection the greed spread with no control. Man started to turn on His brothers…on His family and friend. Those infected took these weapons and used them to eliminate anything and anyone that got in their way to power. It didn’t matter...doesn’t matter if they’re friends or family. Nothing would or will get in their way to power. We all feel this greed; some more then others. Yet we don’t see or feel this greed due to our pride. And because of the infection of greed, man is on a downward spiral to self destruction. But there is a cure. There is a chance to save mankind. To do this we need to cast our pride away and control the greed that has taken over.

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