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What Men Live By

February 17, 2011
By Anonymous

If I could ask someone such as the Lord questions about anything, I would ask what my purpose in life is. I cannot say that I have hopes of what the answer would be. I’d love to hear at least that my purpose was for a good reason; something that would change lives. The next question would be asking if I was ever going to disappoint someone horribly. I’d hope the answer was no of course. If it was a yes however, I’d try my best to not disappoint. I hope I fascinate people and fill them with pride and joy throughout my life. The last question I’d ask would have to be if he had plans for me to be a mother, and if so I’d like to know whether I adopted or had the children on my own. I’m not sure if I even want children quite yet to be honest. I’d be happy unmarried, with a decent job, and a few kids, as long as I had a great relationship with Christ. I think whatever my purpose may be in life will effect not just they way I live life but possibly change others. I might not even have children of my own or a husband if my purpose is to travel around the world and help people out, or be a missionary, or just a life changer in general. If I ever disappoint someone, I know that will effect my life forever. I realize you go through little disappointments with people, yes of course. I fear however, disappointments that’s cannot be fixed, or forgiven. I’d pray endlessly to be forgiven. Disappointments rarely ever have good outcomes. If I change the lives of people; hopefully it is for the better.

Now, I will answer the questions that are being asked. For the question what do men live by, my answer is that men live by their beliefs. Whatever a person believes definitely sways the way the work in their own lives. The people you hang out with are affected by what you believe. It is very rare to see two people with opposing values and beliefs together, without an argument. Their beliefs can also affect the way the chose to live their life, and what religious faith they are. The second question, what is not given to a man can be answered by saying what a man is given from birth. To me at birth a man is given the choice of being the face of Christ or not; everything else is not given but earned or taken from there on out. If someone doesn’t have something, if asked for from Christ it can be given, and if your not following the faith that believes in Christ, maybe you’ll take what you think you need. You have that one option; and whether you consider it or not is your choice. The third question, what dwells within men can be summed up with the answer of feelings, sin, and want. Each person has feelings of hate, love, sadness, happiness, and more dwelling within. Some can hide these emotions and some just don’t experience it even though they are there. Some just share them with the world. Another thing dwelling within us is the act of wanting. We all have and do want things, things we do not need, and possibly things we do. The want and desire for things shows that we are distracted by the worldliness. It is sad to say, but yet so true. The last thing I would say dwelling within us is sin. We are filled with sin; everyone is a sinner. We are all tempted to do things of which we know are wrong yet we choose to them anyway. Resisting the dwellings can be difficult; and impossible - actually it is IMPOSSIBLE. When you feel as if sinning try hard to repent! Jesus is the answer my friend.

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