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Stop the Welfare Fraud.

December 3, 2010
By AshleyApplegate BRONZE, Flemingsburg, Kentucky
AshleyApplegate BRONZE, Flemingsburg, Kentucky
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Dear Editor,
I’m writing to you to discuss the issue of people drawing welfare when they don’t need it. This is an issue because there are many that take advantage of the service that is provided for the ones that need it. The people that do need it sometimes suffer because other people use it. People that take advantage of the service usually don’t use it for what it is intended to be used for.
In the last few years thousands of cases just in the state of Kentucky were recorded about welfare fraud. This is not right for people that don’t need the help to take from others that do need it. They are taking away from not only the adults but the children that the parents are trying to provide for.
The people that do need the help sometimes don’t get the help because others are using it when they don’t need it. They end up suffering sometimes by not having enough to eat or the medications to make them better. They may never receive the help they need if something isn’t done about the welfare fraud.
People that usually abuse the service don’t always use it for what it is intended to be. People will use it to buy the drugs or other things that aren’t needed. Some ways to stop this from happening anymore is if you know someone who is committing this crime tell the officials, there are petitions the sign if you are against it or just bring it to someone’s attention that you think they should help to do more about it.
I have told you how welfare is being used for the wrong reasons, and that it should be stopped so the people who do need the service can be provided with it. The people that are committing welfare fraud should be punished and the cases should be taken care of.

Thank you,

A concerned citizen

Ashley Applegate

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