Teenage Brawl!

November 15, 2010
By K9Hillman BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
K9Hillman BRONZE, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
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Is it Worth it?

Down in Palmetto Florida, the mother, April, of a six-teen year old girl is being charged for child abuse. She was encouraging her daughter to fight another classmate. There was a crowd of dozens of people including students and the mothers of both daughters who were in the fight. The other mother was there and was not charged for anything even though she was mimicking April in her actions. Yet the real question is, why? Why would someone fight another classmate and have people watch it?
A crowd a people plaudit the action, making noise and cheering. It was a crazy quarrel, everyone shouting yelling and swearing, it was hectic. Students showed up at the brawl and made videos of the fight on their cell phones and on the video cameras. They thought that they could get hits off of it and hope to put it on the Internet and get money out of the video. Out of dozens that were there, only one. One person said that it was dumb and pointless. If this happened at your school, would you go to it or ignore it? Would you go and enjoy it, have fun with your friends or, be with that other kid who said it was dumb?
Next, the other mother was at the fight and was cherring on her daughter and imitating April in her every act. And yet, the other mother was not charged. She and the crowd got away, with out a punishment. Neither mother seemed to care what happened to their daughter. While the fight was going on, the two parents were caught talking in the back round and did not care what happened. The two faught for about five minutes, and there was no one to cut in and stop the fight. You would think someone would cut in and stop the quarrel.
Why on earth would someone have this big of a fight? Dozens of kids, videos being made and swearing. It was all over an x-boyfreind! He probably won’t even want either of them back. Nope won’t want them back. Again think to yourself is it worth it?
So in the end, April was charged for child abuse and fined for encouraging her daughter to to get caught up in a brawl. The other mother was not charged for anything even though her actions were the same. All this for an x- boyfriend. It was just too much. I don’t think all of this was necessary. It was just all-unnecessary and pointless. Think to yourself, is it worth it?

The author's comments:
its about two highschoolers fighting while everyone watches!

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