January 31, 2011
By Kisha BRONZE, Burton, Michigan
Kisha BRONZE, Burton, Michigan
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“My struggle will be the root of my success story and my patience will soon fill my cup of prosperity…My tears are temporary…”- Lekisha

I've been a part of a society where I’ve seen so many young men and women that are so self-centered and unappreciative, that humbleness sleeps in our generation. It's more of what others want you to be than who you really are. As a growing individual you have to learn when and who to deliberate. Don’t make certain circumstances for certain people. Being who you are, is all you can be...Maintaining a stable relationship with your self is healthier than living life for others. Pretending to be who your not will wear and tear you done and before you know it, life has taken its tole on you. Never be that exception, be the rule that dominates who you are as an individual. Stepping out of the box will open up never ending opportunities for you. When you reach you’re height in success, look back and remember what and where you came from and realize, that situation did not determine who you have become as a person, the will power and self motivation you installed in yourself placed you in your court seat. Analyze the difference, than you'll be able to say, "I came out on top"- Lekisha

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this piece because of the unrealistic things we come across in life, not only as teens but as children and adults. We some times find our selves choosing who we want to be instead of letting our heart guide us into that special person that we actually are. I hope to get people's attention and to tell them that being who you are is whats best for your own self-health

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