The Iron Horse Hotel

January 17, 2011
This is an ad for The Iron Horse Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, found in M magazine. It was created to promote the Iron Horse Hotel. It says in this ad The Iron Horse Hotel is one of Tablet’s Hotels’ Top 10 best new hotels in the Americas.

The Iron Horse Hotel was a warehouse until Tim and Dixon of Dixon Development LLC purchased it in 2005. Since this hotel is high scale, expensive hotel it is targeting white women from 20-40. This is suggested by the way the hotel portrays what they write in the ad. For example, one of the best hotels anywhere and the ratings they display. The age group is also targeted by the beautiful model. She looks in her late twenties drawing in the 25-40 age group.

The theme of this ad is “The Unexpected”, typed in bold on the top and end of the paragraph. A white model is pictured in the left corner drawing back a long bow. Around her neck is a gold collar with a leather bracelet around her forearm. She is in a couture styled dress. The photograph is in sepia styled colors. The paragraph emphasizes how well the Hotel is doing compared to other hotels in the Americas as stated in the ad. On the bottom it has the location, Desires hotels and The Iron Horse Hotel name and logo.

The woman is portrayed as wealthy. This is due to her expensive couture dress and jewelry. Her necklace is gold, which is a sign of wealth. The sepia theme gives it an old photograph look to it. Given that the old look is pictured here, since her back and shoulders are showing this was sexual act back in the day. Her back is facing the reader, drawing in the sex appeal. Long bows take strength to pull back which signifies the strength of the hotel and how it is doing.

Symbols are used on the woman’s back and upper right hand corner. These symbols give a vintage feel, along with the sepia colors. Her gold necklace indicates wealth and the bow indicates power.
Testimonials are also used in the paragraph. They brag about their hotel using known foundations that rank hotels. On the bottom, the Desired Hotels design also is a testimonial. Finally, they use the beautiful people tactic. The woman has beautiful skin and a serene, polished look to her. The sexuality of showing her back also draws customers in.

In this ad they do not show any price listings or any other information needed for your hotel visit. For example do they serve breakfast or do they have a pool?
In reading their online description, they try to bring in bikers from the Milwaukee area. If they were trying to bring in bikers, they should have had the woman on a bike in a sexy outfit. Guys tend to go for skimpy clothes on beautiful women. This ad is too old fashioned to get their attention. Also the ad gives an old look, but the pictures of the hotel are modern. This gives a false perception as to what this hotel has to offer. The Unexpected, this offends me in a personal way. She is holding a bow. That is not unexpected for women in present time. Many women participate in hunting and archery including myself.
This ad has many flaws in it, including false perception, lack of information and gloating. I recommend that this hotel focuses more on who they wish to bring into their hotel instead of making a beautiful ad.

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