Advocacy to Adidas

January 17, 2011
By Anonymous

Dear adidas USA,

In past years, I have been an avid fan of the quality of adidas apparel and shoes. Throughout my eight year football career, I have chosen to wear adidas shoes and apparel. However, my senior season I ordered size 13 of TS Super Fly Mids and found the product to contradict my previous beliefs. I saw a shoe that was flimsy and unreliable. I am hoping to gain either a refund on the shoes, or a new pair. In addition I am writing to advocate for stricter rules and regulations to insure good quality of each shoe.

In September of 2010, I had an abundance of reasons to order the Super Fly Mids. I thought they had exceptional ankle support and spikes. Since they were adidas, I took for granted that they would be sturdy and reliable. However, after two days of wearing them, the left shoe was torn on the side from the middle of my foot to the pinky toe. One cleat was detached, and the top left hole for the shoelace was ripped open.

This is deemed unacceptable and not up to adidas standards. adidas would not be what it is today without its long time customers. Keeping these customers is vital. Therefore, it is important to listen to what customers are saying. I have invested thousands of dollars in your company, and you are the face of the future in regards to sports shoes and apparel.

I hope adidas can improve their quality of shoes. I found the shoes I bought unsatisfactory and, I am asking for a new pair or refund. The way for adidas to grow is to keep customers happy and give them a reliable product. I look to be contacted through mail in the near future regarding this issue and am appreciative of your time.



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