Goliath vs. Fifi: Who's better?

January 13, 2011
By lablover56 BRONZE, Centennial, Colorado
lablover56 BRONZE, Centennial, Colorado
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Small dogs have been cherished in our homes for years as family pets. But, most were bred for no useful purpose (other than being house pets). You see, Labradors were bred for fetching fish nets in cold water and for hunting. Newfoundlands for water rescue. Collies and Shetland Sheepdogs for herding and guarding sheep. Note: these are all large breeds. I prefer big, sweet, and loving dogs to small, loud, and mean dogs.

I have a yellow Labrador named Max, and he’s a good dog. He once got attacked by a Boston terrier at the dog park, but couldn’t fight back. If Max had fought back, he would have seriously injured that thing and gotten into big trouble. He could have used that thing as his personal chew toy if he wanted to!

Little dogs have interrupted my moments many times before. One day I was sitting in my yard with Max, and I was dead tired. He was laying by my side, basking in the warm, spring sun. I was trying to go to sleep, when our next door neighbor’s terrier started yapping. I lay their in the sun for another hour, but that dog didn’t stop barking, even after I went inside! This is a problem in many neighborhoods.

I was once babysitting a 3 year old, and was putting him to bed. After I left the room, their neighbor’s dog started to yap. The boy came downstairs to tell me that he couldn’t sleep. When I asked him why, he said it was because of the dog. I couldn’t get him to sleep for another hour and a half, when I finally found a fan to block the noise from his room. His parents got home and told me that it was a Shih Tzu. Huh, what a coincidence!

Small breeds of dogs aren’t typically owned because of how much they bark. You see, the owners of the yapping dogs just let their dog do whatever they want. If these dogs were trained better, we might actually be able to get some sleep at night! Those little rats, snappy and energetic, are like constant alarms.

Little dogs are toys. Hence the name Toy Poodle or Toy Fox Terrier. No kidding, they’re living dolls. Why? Well, you’ve seen the little purse-dogs all done up with bows on their ears and in dresses. Seriously. That’s abuse, in my opinion. The RSPCA is threatening to press charges on owners who over-dress their pets.

A poll at K9 Forums (k9forums.com) showed that 65 percent of voters said that they prefer big dogs. Only 10 percent voted for small dogs. The other 25 percent said that size doesn’t matter.

The main reason that small dogs bark is that everything is bigger than they are, so they feel like they have to defend themselves. Large breeds of dog are about as big as most of their living surroundings, so they have nothing to be afraid of.

Big dogs are much better than small dogs for many reasons. I realize that large dogs can be aggressive, and I never said they never attacked people. Many people feel safer with small dogs. They think that they are sweet, little angels! Well, I’ll tell you one thing-WRONG! Big dogs are the way to go. Or else, you’ll end up with a dog with no purpose.

The author's comments:
I'm not a big fan of small dogs.

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