Shopping: wrong in every way.

January 13, 2011
By Kayvonne BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
Kayvonne BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Shopping: Wrong In Every way.

Have you ever been shopping and find yourself extremely annoyed?

Have you ever looked around the mall and paid attention to the people you encounter?

Have you ever gotten caught in the excessively large crowds unsure of why you are in such a bad mood? Well I have, and it has made me loathe the shopping experience forever!

In the past summer I have spent hours in malls shopping, but one summer evening in particular I started to notice how much I hate it.

This summer evening within a three our trip to the mall, I ran into extremely grotesque artificial tans on about 50% of the people, a very masculine lady with a very noticeable mustache, sales clerks who are everything but helpful, unnecessarily large crowds of people and obnoxious disrespectful mall rats.

According to Verena Von Pfetten, editor of “in an average 63-year long life, a woman will spend 25,184 hours and 53 minutes buying things. On a yearly basis, this adds up to just shy of 400 hours per year.” Based on these numbers it is blatantly clear that people shop too much and “Colorado is the 12th highest city in America when it comes to shopping,” so you know without a doubt that our malls are crowded, leaving you in this unnecessarily stressful situation.

To intentionally put you in this predicament is self mutilation. It slowly grinds at your nerves, your patience, and your tolerance level all together.

Going shopping for fun is like getting a tattoo, torture when you’re in the moment, unbeneficial in every way, but you like what you’ve got once it’s over. You spend all your money, leave in an unpleasant mood, and besides what you purchased (which will most likely not fit in three years) what positive do you get out of the experience?

In the United States, we mostly run off a consumer based economy and it has been proven that Americans shop more than any other country in the world. The government is very fond of inflation though people tend to not be bothered by it.

I believe the whole concept of supply and demand is a horrible concept. The American government has figured out the obsession Americans have with shopping and have used that knowledge to milk the consumers of their money. Constantly increasing prices and lacking quality in their products, therefore putting more money in their pockets. But people continue to go out and blow hundreds of dollars on things they don’t need! With the current recession going on, the government is going to do whatever they can to pay off this 2.7 trillion dollar debt, meaning inflation is at its highest, yet people keep shopping.

You’re getting robbed of your money and going though an uncontrollable emotional roller coaster, yet people keep shopping.

I will never understand this.

Shopping, the experience and the concept will be the death of me. The unusual, uncontrollable desire to do it knowing the negative outcome, yet people keep shopping.

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