Why do Parents Nag About Clean Rooms?

January 13, 2011
By odalylechuga BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
odalylechuga BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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I hate cleaning. “Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning” is what I hear every day out of my mother’s mouth. Everything about cleaning is what I hate. Picking up, arranging things, moving things and the most of all is being organized.

Why do parents care so much about having clean rooms? I mean it’s our room, sure they pay the bills and everything but they don’t even have to walk in the room if they think it’s dirty and nasty. This is what I think, it’s our room, were the ones that live in it most of the time, one thing I think parents should do is just to back off and give us our space and time to get our rooms clean when we have the time to do it. Here’s why…..

Most of the time our parents get furious and irritated by the disgusting mess us teenagers have in our bedrooms. What I think about having clean rooms it is like torture for me. It is probably for every kid, not all but most of them. If we were to take a survey on how many kids like to clean their rooms and how many kids don’t, I can guarantee you that not every kid will say they don’t like to clean.

One thing I like the most about not cleaning is that I just get to sit back and relax. That gets my parents attention and it makes them even madder. Every teenager will love to draw the attention of their parents, but sometimes that can just be bad because there are consequences if you don’t clean your room. Some of the consequences are getting grounded, getting grounded would be the #1 thing our parents will do. #2 would be taking cell phones away, and mostly that’s all the grounds parents will give us.

Something I have noticed the most is how parents are ALWAYS repeating the same thing over and over again, “clean your room” or “I’ve had it with you clean it now!” that’s what I usually get from my parents, put it this way my mom, a very clean freak, is always nagging about my dirty room. To be honest it gets annoying! If I had to ever compare something to my dirty room it would compare with hurricane Katrina. The reason why is because they were both a disaster they looked horrible.

Me annoyed and irritated just wanted my mother to stop telling me about my room, when she tells me to clean it that’s what I think of in my head, it’s like just wanting her to quit commanding me to clean my room. Yeah we love our parents and everything but sometimes we just get tiered and annoyed of hearing them.

There may be some tragedies in having clean rooms. One is when you get older and get married you cannot live dirty. That would set a really bad example for your kids if you ever decide to have any. Another thing is that when you have guests over you wouldn’t want them to see your house all dirty and messy. They would get disgusted, and that would make u embarrassed.
I love my parents and everything but we will have our ups and downs of having dirty rooms. Yes, sometime in our life’s we teenagers will have to learn how to be organized and clean. But I definitely will not be spending my entire life being a dirty young lady. There are better things in life than to just sit in my room and not clean.

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