January 13, 2011
Stereotyping can effect the people around you and how people act also it can effect how they look. There are many types of ways it affects the people around if you look at the person and you judge them and you think that they are bad people so you don't to them and when you run into each other you feel weird. People may judge you many ways and if they judge you badly and that could cause stress and then those who take it worse who want to be friends start feeling like they did something wrong and that could cause stress. Stress could lead to being obese, which would effect your appearance and then people judge you badly because of your size. See stereotyping can never be good because you are indeed judging them.

Have you ever looked at a person and was like Gross or they seem cool because they are,

Well there is a 99.9% you actually have looked at a person and judged them,i notice a lot of people seem to show more racist and sexist and all that more often because of some of those people who do those bad things in life. I find that unfair just because they are a girl does not mean you can stereotype them for being a person who can not beat boys.

Have you ever stereotyped?Have you ever been stereotyped?Have you ever been hurt bye a stereotype? Well I can tell you, you have or you will at one point in your life. I know plenty of kids in my school, in my Spanish class when we play a game I her some people whispering to the leader that pick them they are smart and the say don't pick them. i They pick the people they either know are smart of the people that look smart, it bothers my teacher when she hears people say that. I do not blame her but it upsets the people who hear that. Actually what people say about you make you think that it is real even when they don’t know you. To me Stereotyping is like a silent suffering that will eventually drive you insane.

Stereotyping can also be someones way of pulling themselves up because of what someone had done to them in the past. People just stereotype without acually meaning to because the very first thing someone does when they look at you is tell what type of person you are, not intentionally but they still do. I know that when a teacher looks at a student they judge them mabey they are going to be a bad student, or maybe they are a good student.

My point is that everyone stereotypes and we cant really stop it from happening. Someone somewhere will look at someone they are near and it will just happen they will stereotype. Who know's maybe right now you are stereotyping me from what I have written and that may be true.

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