Bullying in general

January 12, 2011
By Anonymous

The worst thing in the world is (in my opinion) is violence. In kindergarten, even, there always is a bully. There was this one kid named John that used to push me and punch me and kick me all day long and get away with blaming me. I spent at least one quarter of my kindergarten year in the principal’s office. There always is violence in the world.

In first grade I would always pretend to be John’s friend, until he punched me in the nose. I never spoke to him again after that. However, he would not let me go away without a scar, because he would always try to hurt me during recess. But there were two girls that John always tried to hurt, and they saw that he was directing his hatred toward me. They helped me get away from John, but this proves that there is violence everywhere.

The fact that people that are bullied in school often lead violent lives afterward is disturbing. The bullies are often bullied themselves, and those bullies are often at home shows that violence is everywhere. The people at the bottom of this chain are the people who do the school shootings or bring a knife to school and other violent things. Many kids have committed suicide because of a bully. The number of people who commit suicide at a young age because of bullying is astounding. Violence only leads to more violence.

The main cause of bulling today is on the internet. Many people post harmful videos of other people just because they think it’s funny. The bullies on cyberspace think that because their hiding behind a goofy username or picture, hat they can get away with whatever they what. The bullied often get ridiculed at school because others have seen the demeaning picture or rumor.

The most disturbing part about bulling is that it’s everywhere. I want you to try to stop bulling somewhere. Anywhere. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a chat room or your entire school. Just try. A good way is to tell an adult you trust. Even if it doesn’t seem like they can do anything, they can. Help stop bullying everywhere.

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