When it Rains

January 12, 2011
When it rains I always feel excited. Most people think of a rainy day as an equivalent to a pajama day. I will admit I’ve done that before, but it doesn’t even compare to the insanity I indulge in. When it rains I stop being the controlled and self-conscious fourteen year old that I am normally. I act like I am five years old. I kick off my shoes and skip through the puddles. I splash my sisters and slide down the slides near my house, just for the fun of it.
Maybe I am supposed to stay inside and facebook everyone how bored I am or watch some sappy chick-flick. To me this sounds really awful. Wouldn’t you rather be outside, a muddy-laughing mess than inside watching re-runs of a show you don’t really like? I know I would rather be the muddy-laughing mess.
So next time it rains, do what I do. Grab a sibling or a best friend, go outside and have some fun for a change. (I know some of you are thinking, “What if it’s lightning?” In which case I would recommend the sappy chick-flick). Believe me it’s not worth waiting for the storm to pass.

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