Life & Its True Meaning.

December 29, 2010
By Theresa22 SILVER, Denver, Colorado
Theresa22 SILVER, Denver, Colorado
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Do any of us really know the real meaning of life? Why we wake up hoping something great, life changing, & inspiring will happen? That, maybe .. Life will have a purpose to it. Noone knows, but someone wants too. That is why, we try, to accomplish things in school, work, or in our society point blank. In my perspective, I wake up to make a difference for the greater good in the world. I understand that what I do, comes from my heart and the meaning of life would be to discover, make, and understand, I was brought to this world, to make an impact on no difference of 1 or 1,000 people. I will never, truely understand the concept of life, it's motive and why we live it. One thing I do know, is there are numbers of people in communities, living life to embrace the unknown meaning, of LIFE. To accept, it's exciting to try and come closer and closer, day by day, minute by minute, to finding out, Life and it's True Meaning.

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