December 29, 2010
By Pidanla BRONZE, Fairbanks, Alaska
Pidanla BRONZE, Fairbanks, Alaska
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The color green is extraordinary in many ways. Green is a vibrant color. Green is a color that is seen all around you. Green is normally an indicator of money. Green is a symbol for life. Green is almost everything. In the world, there are tons of animals that are green, eat green, or have something to do with green. Many plants are also green, include green, or we picture them having to do with green. Viewing pretty scenery is a way to please our vision, and most jaw dropping, eye opening scenery is well, green!

Lets start with animals first. Amazingly (Opening Adverb), the chameleon, one of the most intriguing animals on our planet, can be many colors, but its base color is green (Absolute Phrase). It is not the best color of green, but put any type of green behind it, and it will become it! Also turtles, although most are gray and dark colored, a few of them have a slight green tinge to them. The green tinge goes well with the calm sea water, and the tape like strands of seaweed growing from the depths. Majestically romping (Opening Adjective), the Grizzly Bear patrols the forest looking for food. The bear may not be green, but he makes his shelter with leaves, which are green. He also eats berries that have green bushes. The salmon it eats, sometimes are circling a mossy rock, which is green. As shown, many animals are either green or related to green in some obscure way.

We all know there are way too many plants that are somewhat green to count, let alone type. One of my favorite ones however, is grass. Without grass what could we do? Grass shapes our landscape, when we think of Earth we think of scenery; but imagine what it would be like if there was no grass? Imagine the Grand Prairie with no grass. That is as bad of a sight as a cupcake with no frosting. Without grass, there would not be many fields for sports. Some of the world’s major sports including soccer and football use grass. Sure there is artificial turf, but not everyone can afford it. Also imagine how strange it would be if lawns were non-existing. Sadly (Delayed Adverb), a kid would not be getting his weekly allowance, and the thought of knowing you have a better lawn than your neighbor would be gone. Another one of my favorite plants are strawberries. When we think of strawberries, we think of something red that is sweet, juicy, and scrumptious. We never think of the green leaves at the top. What we have to remember is that without those leaves, the strawberry would not be able to cling to the bush that it got harvested from. Imagine a world without strawberries, there would be no strawberry cake, some pop tarts, strawberry ice cream, and everything based off of strawberry would be gone because no one would be able to comprehend the awesomeness of a perfectly ripe strawberry. In just that little segment, the importance of grass and strawberries in my perspective has just been clarified. Also, both amazingly green, watermelon and pears, are juicy mouth watering fruits.

On most vacations, when you go to a place, one thing that always comes to mind is scenery. Pictures are taken by beautiful places, and memories that will be cherished forever are made. What would happen if the color green was gone? Firstly, the world would seem dead. Without seeing green, the only other natural color would be brown, and some weird colors from flowers here and there. National Parks would be stripped of their impressiveness if all it offered was the world’s biggest caged brown and dirt spot. Rainbows would never be the same either. A rainbow without green would be catastrophic. Green is one of those colors that are different from the rest, without it in a rainbow, would make the rainbow seem dull and painful to the eyes.

There are many other important green things in the world. One extremely important thing is the green stop lights. Humanity probably could get on without the green stop light meaning “go”, but the amount that green contrasts from yellow and red would surely be missed. Staring intently at the stop light, sitting in his car (Delayed Adjective), Johnny could not tell the difference between the Orange, Yellow, and Red colors. That could be a major problem without the color green. Also the colors that make green are blue and yellow. Without green there would not be the colors blue or yellow, and I don’t even want to go there.
From all this randomness and creative thinking about the color of green, I have even convinced myself about the color green, and the importance of it. The part I would miss the most would probably be the landscape. Green stands out and gives you a feeling of being refreshed. Without green, nothing would ever be the same.

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Green is one of my favorite colors.

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