Bebe Sheer Perfume

January 4, 2011
By Anonymous

This advertisement was created by bebe to sell perfume. The ad portrays a beautiful, white, young, skinny, long haired, blonde, naked woman. The model is in her lower twenties. This ad is directed toward younger white females around the age of the woman in the ad. It is also directed toward people with a higher level of income because a 1.7 fl oz bottle of this perfume costs $49.50. It is directed toward women who have jobs because this is an expensive bottle of perfume. The ad is of a model lying in bed covered in flowers. Behind the bed are faded branches and twigs. The flowers that cover the bed could represent that the perfume has a flowery scent. The twigs in the background seem as though the model is in the forest, and this could represent that the model is all natural. The woman is almost completely naked, with nothing but her hair covering her breasts and a white, lacey pair of panties. Next to her, the words, “bebe sheer eau de parfum,” are displayed. The colors in the ad are washed out which makes it look like it’s a fantasy or a dream.
A symbol of sexuality is being utilized to help persuade the reader to want to buy their product. The ad makes women seem like nothing more than an object considering that the model is naked. There is no price listed, and there’s no mention of where to buy the item.
The ad uses beautiful people to promote their product. The woman holding the bottle of perfume is thin and good-looking; therefore, it is suggesting that we will look like the model if we buy the perfume.
This is also false advertising. The bottle of perfume shown is bigger than the woman’s head, when in reality, the bottle is much smaller. The perfume comes in a 1.7 fl oz bottle, and the bottle in the advertisement looks to be about five times bigger. This means that the bottle of perfume in the advertisement is approximately 8.5 fl oz which would cost about $247.50. This advertisement could be more truthful if the bottle was drawn to scale or if the model was wearing clothes.
This ad could be offensive to many people. The ad could offend women who aren’t super skinny, woman who aren’t white, and woman who don’t have long-blonde hair like the model lying on the bed. Since almost nobody looks as perfect as the model in the advertisement, the ad is offensive to various women.
Overall, this advertisement has many flaws. It gives false ideas of what the product will actually do for the buyer. A bottle of perfume will not make a person skinner or better-looking in any way.

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