December 23, 2010
Intelligence is everywhere. It is in the small cracks and crevices that have never been explored, in the busy streets of urban cities, all around us. It has been around for longer than anybody knows, and has dominated our whole world, galaxy, and universe. People fight over it and for it, share it and hide it, survive and die because of it; it is beyond doubt the most empowering thing we know.
In some places, the intelligence residing there is so profound that you can almost touch it, like glistening rain falling down from the sky. It covers everything that the clouds hover over, and runs over the land. For many it is just a regular occurrence, and they think nothing of it, sometimes even hiding from it. However, only the wise will recognize the gift that is being presented to them and try to collect it and use it the best they can, though they can never hope to obtain all that is available.
Intelligence smells like a loaf of bread coming warm and savory out of the oven. It can fill you up, everybody around you recognizes and likes it, and is wonderful for you. Like all food, it does not just appear. You have to put in lots of work and many different ingredients in order to acquire that final, savory product. It is the same with intelligence, where you will often have to dig around for it, and put bits and pieces together as you find them. Intelligence is warm because of the positive impact it usually has on you and your health, just like that loaf of bread.
If you could taste intelligence, I am convinced that it would have the same sweetness as say chocolate, but in a much stronger sense, almost like that of a lemon, filling your mouth and not letting the taste be forgotten. Intelligence is not always as desirable as chocolate, sometimes you will have to choose whether you want to eat it or not, and live with the consequences. Like all food, it will put something in your stomach, like information in your brain, but even though you have more “food”, you sometimes realize you didn’t want to eat that particular morsel, even though it may have filled you up. If you are not careful, and eat too much at one sitting, you may get sick and throw it up, just like learning too much and not remembering it. For the most part, however, if you are careful with how you take information, it will end up being very good for you in the end.
But what does or would intelligence look like? From what I know and observe, it is something strong and mighty like a mountain, yet does not seek such a big reputation. I have to believe that intelligence would be perceived as something similar to a tree, ever growing and living, yet unable to be predicted, or which branch will grow next. It does not need to seem overpowering or intimidating, it already has complete control over everything we know, and it is too wise to try and flaunt it. When it reaches a certain stage of growth, it can intelligence can in a way “bear fruit”, thus dropping seeds and growing new “knowledge trees”. These trees cannot just grow alone though. For them to develop and bear fruit properly they must be nurtured and loved, fertilized and fed with water and sunlight. This is like the many researchers that work tirelessly to expand our knowledge about the planet and environment, as well as things that we have just barely touched the surface of, like outer space.
Intelligence is a very interesting thing, and one that we know very little about. It helps our race and planet grow, and is essential to the evolution of living and nonliving things. If we use it right, we will become a stronger nation and civilization, but if used poorly, could lead to our destruction. Even after we are gone, though, intelligence will live on and be forever present to anybody or thing that needs it. Intelligence is everything.

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