A Decision

November 1, 2007
A Decision

When it comes for choosing witch high school would be better for me; Heritage or Liberty, I get stuck. Each school has something better to offer than the other, but they’re both great schools. Also I talk to current students from both schools and they gave me their opinion. So help me decide witch high school would be best.

Liberty High School, has many great qualities and features, such as; the leadership program, drama club, athletic department and, also they have great traditions that each of their former students where apart of in the past years. The campus is also old and out dated, but the district does there best to keep it up. The school is also historic it was built in 1902, so it is well known by many people. So, what do you think of the school so far?

Heritage High School also is a fantastic school with many popular characteristics and unlike ones. Some of the characteristics that the students like at the school are: the programs they run, the campus is new and also extremely large and also it is very spirited. But some students don’t like how the campus is large, how only freshmen and sophomores are allowed to attend there this year, and how they don’t have any traditions. But I asked students from both schools what they thought.

After talking to a student from each school, I got a good idea of what the students think of their school. A student from Heritage High School said “If we had more traditions at our school then it would make more of the students at school get involved with the activities.” “Also if they had juniors and seniors at there school it would feel like a more high school environment and we wouldn’t fell as if we were missing out.” Then a student from Liberty High School said “If we had a cleaner and better updated campus it would make us feel more proud of our school, its ugly now.” Also she pointed out how she thought that; “unlike Heritage there are seniors here that create fights and issues that should be handled better in a different way.” So what do you think?

In conclusion; Heritage and Liberty High are both great schools, but with different qualities and features it is hard to choose witch one is better for me. So after going back and fourth choosing. I decided Liberty High School would be better for me. Even though Heritage is a great school and all but I have to go with the more traditional school!

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