October 27, 2007
By Nathan Gillespie, Buckhannon, WV

Most people my age don't have to work for their money. All they do is ask a parent for a few dollars and off they go. In my opinion this is awful.

My whole life I never have been given money just because I wanted it. I always go to my grandparents working at any odd job my grandfather has for me. This can be from working to building an addition on someone's house to small automotive fixes or repairing a fence. I don't have much money after I worked all day, but I have a sense that I had fun, learned, and made money all at the same time.

When you work for your money not only do you learn skills you might need in the future, but you learn the true value of a dollar. Instead of just going to spend money on whatever strikes your fancey, you stop and think about how much you will really use the item and if it is truely worth the money.

In my opinion parents give their children money to be nice. In realality parents are hurting their children in the long run by teaching them bad habits. When that child gets older they don't pay attention to how much something costs and if they truely need it. All the spending they will do will keep building and building until one day they find themselves in debt.

Instead of asking for money from their parents, teens should take matters into their own hands and be responsible. They should take a summer job or at least work around the house to earn their money instead of just asking for it. This extra work will help in the long run and without it you may never learn how much work goes into earning the money you spend.

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