In middle school there are many groups of students who hang out with each other. These groups can be put into categories at any school, but at our middle school, jocks have group names. For example, one might be the popular, another might be the wannabees and another might be the randoms who are also known as the regulars. No matter what group you belong to, there are always those people, who think they are too cool. For example, jocks think they are too cool because they get cocky about their athletic ability. It makes them feel more powerful than everyone else.
Those who might play foot ball and basketball are known as the jocks /populars; poplars hang out in most gathering places and show off just to get attention. They might think they tell the funniest jokes, but trust me they can�t crack a joke out of an egg shell. Jocks all together stink because they get all the glory for doing only one move on the field which usually means the girls notice them for the wrong reasons.
The randoms are the majority of our school. They have the most potential in this school. While the too cool jocks and wannabees go to the most populated places, the randoms hang out every where. Well, being a random myself I should know. Some of them take risks, some of them hang out in the weirdest places, like the hang out spot at the local corner store, where as my group hangs out at the local boys and girls club. The randoms do the best they can with the talent they have. Some people are funny some people have great drawing skills but most of all none of the randoms are TOO COOL

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