Oblivious People

October 26, 2007
By Anthony Mariano, Newton, MA

Oblivious People
Anthony Mariano

There are too many oblivious people in our world. Some people just ignore everyone else and they don’t think highly of us because they see themselves, not anyone else, as doing the right thing. I try to separate them from my life, but we can’t and I’ll have to deal with them, but I can still feel oblivious people are ruining the lives of us non-oblivious people.
A reason neglectful people are difficult for us is because they only waste time. They constantly make others repeat things when there isn’t enough time. For example, when I played Pop Warner Football our quarterback told us the play, but the running backs weren’t paying attention and our play had to be repeated. Therefore we took too long and got a delay of game. In addition to having things repeated, they continuously cause arguments over things already said or agreed on. For instance, we all agreed on two large sausage pizzas, but when it got there my friend Pete was mad that we didn’t get a pepper and onion pizza. Forgetful people also walk in nonchalantly when they’re late and make people wait for them. It especially bothers me if they have dumb, ludicrous excuses for being late and wasting time. For instance, one time my sister’s sneakers didn’t match her outfit and we waited for her and we were late for school.
Ignorant people also cause a lot of suffering for those people who do their best to be on time and help others. They often make us take the blame or make an excuse for them if they’re late, don’t show up at all and other absent minded mistakes. For example, one time a few students didn’t clean up after themselves in the locker room and to top it off they were late for practice so the whole team had to run extra laps and more sprints. The whole team suffered that practice because of a few oblivious people and a few bonehead mistakes.
Another major problem is that oblivious people think they’re better than others. They don’t ever see our point of view. For instance, one time my grandfather was planting a small bush for a customer, but then she came out and said it was misplaced, so she made him remove it and plant where she pointed, but it was wrong, again. This process cycled through about three or four times until he put it where it was originally, and she liked where it was. This shows that my grandfather was right, but his customer wouldn’t admit it and she wanted to be right, not him. Most of all they completely ignore others if they’re different or don’t see the same perspective.
There are multiple arguments over the subject of oblivious people in our world. Supporters argue that some people are just too busy to listen or pay attention to unimportant things. Careless people just have to realize that they are not always right and they just have to listen to other less selfish people, is the response of many young, ignored people.
There are a few ways that this problem of oblivious people can be stopped. Slow down is the main point for those readers who’ve been told that they are oblivious. There is no time limit in life; you have time to listen to others. This will help other people feel important and less ignored.

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