December 20, 2010

We have soldiers out fighting for us and we are complaining about how we dont have enogh clothes.It drives me nuts that people have the nerve to do that!We should all be thankful for our soldiers because they risk their lives night and day for us! They work hard through seeing their best friends die to laying right beside dead bodies all night. I have a brother that is out their fighting for his country and i thank him for that everyday! Even though i want him to be home safe with us I know that he loves doing his job. He will always be remebered for it too. So if you ever see a soldier or if you have a soldier fighting for you right now be thankful for all you have ,and be thnkful for our soldiers! So if your a young kid and you think your too cool to do your work just think that soldiers fight just so we even have freedom to do all the stuff we get to do or the things we get! Thank-You Bubba for fighting for our country and thank-you all soldiers for fighting!

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