Pop Music Today

October 24, 2007
By Adrienne Bowyer, Heath, TX

Pop Music Today

Since the 21st century, popular music in America has come a long mile. The recording industries have torn their attention away from the past and continue to march forward, focusing their sites on millions of young Americans. Targeting their pubescent urges, popular music industries convince teens that quenching every hormonal whim is something that is as usual as it is fun. The harm exists in teenagers’ search for unknown truths and purpose with in music, and its use as a means of expressing themselves in a holistic way. Songs alluding to alcohol, drugs, and sex are at the forefronts of pop music charts, promoting such behavior as a badge of coolness. What happened to the moral values and sense of decency that our parents tried to instill in us? : gone down with the “medicine” and a spoonful of sugar. The integrity of American youth continues to be challenged everyday, as the boundaries of what is socially/ musically acceptable continues to be stretched to the limit.

As these margins are pushed and lines are crossed, our generation will dutifully tag along. The pop music industry has done a fantastic job of cultivating a nihilistic adolescent culture that conforms blindly to the mainstream. The debauchery of youth is largely attributed to the lack of moral fiber sanctioned by pop music today. Living in a modern-day Sodom Gomorra society, it is only a matter of time before our culture collapses on itself. How much more can the American culture take before it hits rock bottom, or is it already there?

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