A Place for Friends

October 24, 2007
By Mallory Conder, Heath, TX

A Place for Friends


Many young teens have been struck by the new Myspace craze. Computers have always been a popular pastime for our generation, but never like this. Aim, AOL, and MSN messenger are very popular forms of communication but they are nothing compared to Myspace. There are many serious risks involved with a Myspace account. Sexual predators lurk around every corner waiting to attack and molest all sorts of young adolescents. Also many people no matter the age can suffer the serious disease known as
Myspace addiction. Waking up at six am and staying up into the early hours of the morn are not healthy habits. What sparked these crazy habits? Why did millions of people decide to fulfill the urge to be connected with strangers that they don’t even know? Well I believe it all started with a minute spark. One person at a random high school had the brilliant thought that a personal web page spilling all their deepest secrets would be stupendous. Soon all of her friends had wonderfully decked out pages ready to go and eager to go and eager to make friends. Like a rapid spreading wild fire, this fad swept the nation. This makes me wonder, what will be the next crazy trend? What will young kids follow next? The answer: anything the media endorses. My advice is to use caution on what you allow to influence you.

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