A Look at the Democrats in 2008

October 22, 2007
A Look at the Democrats in 2008
Mark Haber

There are three major democratic candidates for the 2008 presidential election: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Edwards. With George Bush’s horrible approval rating at 34%, we can tell that America is looking for change. Many Demarcates want the Senator from New York, former First Lady, and Hillary Clinton, to be the Democratic candidate. While others feel the Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama, should lead the country. Yet, some people feel the former Vice Presidential candidate, John Edwards, would be the best choice. Even though I feel Clinton and Obama would both would make great presidents, I think neither can win.

Hillary Clinton has some major flaws. First, and foremost, she is a woman, and even though I agree with this, the American people are not ready for a female president. Her second problem is change, she was in the White House before, when Bill was president, and the public is not looking to go back to an old administration. Also, I feel that the list of presidents shouldn’t go, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton. If, that occurs the government seems to be controlled by two families. This is not how this country was formed, or should be run. A third major problem is the price of gas. A little over a year ago, Hillary promised gas prices would fall, and become to more reasonable. Today gas prices are at a historic high, and don’t seem to be close to falling. As a result if Hillary gets the Democratic nomination, she will not will the election.

Barack Obama also has some reasons why he can’t win. His first major problem is his heritage, and background. He is part African American, and part Muslim. Even though I don’t care, in America today, there are many anti-Muslims and many people wouldn’t want him running the country. My biggest problem with Obama is that he has little experience and is rather new to international relations. I think he should wait and run in 2012, when he is ready, and will have a much better chance of winning.

John Edwards is the Democratic candidate I feel can win. He was the Democratic nominee for Vice President in the last election, and many feel that putting Bush back in office was a huge mistake. Edwards is strong. The American people are looking for change and Edwards brings that. Also, since he was the Vice President nominee from 2004, many people already know his name as a candidate. With Bush’s extreme dip in popularity, Edwards would be a popular candidate.

On the Republican side, a few major candidates are coming up. If Hilary or Obama wins the nomination, then a Republican will probably win. The nominee from the Republican side will probably either be the former Mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani, or the Senator from Arizona, John McCain. If McCain, is elected he will be the oldest president ever. On the other hand, if Edwards get the nomination, he will run away with the election. Unless Thompson or someone else gets the Republican nomination to run against Clinton or Obama, the Democrats can’t win.

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