What Do you See?

October 18, 2007
What do you see?
Waking up for a school day starts the same everyday. I get up, I get dressed, and I take a nice walk in the misty air across the street for my ride to school. While I sit at their shiny clean dining room table I think to myself those questions always pondered before school, "Did I do my homework?" or "Do I have everything I need?" and with thats I shuffle through my bag and chuckle to myself because I know I do, I checked before I left. Then we leave on that long car ride to school that should last longer and be forever. While looking out the window, then seeing my friend do the same, a thought runs into my mind, what does she see? Even though we are both looking out the window of the same car and may be looking at the same object does she see it the same way I do? Through everything she has been through and everything she has seen with those two eyes that look at me everyday, does it look different outside to her or do we both see it the same? That is the question at hand, how does she see me? How does she see everyone else? She may see it in a blur or with a metamorphic change whereas I would see it as it really is. Even though it is the same object because of different experiences we may see it differently. As people say the eyes are "the windows to the soul" we as in not the person that sees will never know what those eyes have seen or how they see things. I have realized that when you see and experience something with your eyes it is visually imprinting the image in your brain. So when you see it again you know it and receive it in whatever way you do. Our eyes are very judgmental, when we see something that is different, or even the same, we must open our mouths to opinionate on something that is not our concern. Do people blind themselves from what they do not want to see therefore do not see the same as everyone else. No one will ever know what the other one sees because we are not that person. Those images imprinted in their brain are not in ours. Even when I ask my friend "What do you see?" I can not comprehend because I do not see it that way. I am not her and she is not me. So the question still stands... What do you see?

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