My Opinions on Watching TV and Playing Video Games

October 18, 2007
By kyle tilson, Park City, UT

I believe that watching T.V and playing video games can be good for you. One reason I think this is because you get a lot of good information by watching, T.V shows such as the news or trivia game shows. Another reason I think T.V. is good is because it takes much longer to get information from reading a book or encyclopedia, than it is to listen to someone talking on the television. My last reason is that people will probably be more entertained if they watch television, so the information they pick up would stick in their head better. Those are my reasons watching T.V should be allowed in people’s homes.

My first reason was that you can get good information from watching channels that broadcast shows such as the news or trivia game shows. Consider this; would you rather get information from watching from who wants to be a millionaire, or weakest link, or would you rather get information from reading an encyclopedia, or an atlas? You can also get business information from shows like The Apprentice and Wall Street Week. In the shows CSI and Law and Order, they use science to catch criminals. There are a lot of other educational channels such as the history channel, or the animal planet. These are some of the reasons why T.V channels can be very educational.

My second reason was that it is much faster getting information from watching television than it is from reading a book. Think of this. It would only take about one hour to watch a show about world war one, but it would probably take you days to read a book on it. Listen to this, if you saw a show about parrots that looked interesting you would probably watch that show. If you saw a book in a library titled Parrots, you would probably not even take it off the shelf, or even think about reading it. These are some reasons why you can get information faster and easier from watching T.V than reading a book.

My third reason was that information would stick in your head better if you watched television because you would be more entertained. If you were to read a book, you might get bored and read really quickly and only pick up about half the information that was in the book. If you watched a television show that was very interesting, you will probably pay more attention and pick up more information. Those are some reasons that you would pick up more information from watching a television show than reading a book.

To summarize, having television in the house helps with getting information faster, capturing the information in your head better, and getting very good information from the television. Those are three reasons why T.V should not be banned in people’s homes. It doesn’t make a difference if you have television or not, all that matters is what you watch on it.

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HaHa said...
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