Boys or Irritations?

October 16, 2007
Boys or Irritations?

Although my mother warned me about the types of boys ever since I was young, I finally now start to see why she did. I’ve heard about “the cooties” ever since I was a little girl, and how I should stay as far away from boys as I can. Now, that I’m grown up, I realize boys don’t seem that bad, but problems still come along with them! As I’ve matured in high school, I’ve become conscious four different types of boys roam the halls: the creeps, the nice guys, the slime balls, and the best friend type.

First, let us start with the worst group of all, the creeps! Now these, ladies, we should stay as far away from as possible. These fit into the stalker category; the ones who just make us say, “yuck!” They somehow have our number, even though we never gave it to them, and they call us non-stop. They creep up behind us in the hallways and walk (or better yet follow) us to our classrooms. They just annoy us to death! We would never go on a date with one of these guys, nor would we want to, and have you seen them eat? They basically miss their mouths every time! One word sums them up: GROSS! Next guy please…

Meanwhile, as the creeps receive our dirty looks, we move onto our next category, the nice guys. They have perfectly, sweet characteristics, the exact reason why girls leave them so fast. We love a challenge; we don’t like it when things come to us so easily. We tend to become sick of them because they act so perfectly. To sum up, they appear pretty BORING!

Another horrible group, the slime balls, gives us the worst headache of all. We tend to fall for these the most. They are usually every girl’s “first real love.” They have perfect hair, perfect looks, perfect clothes, perfect everything, but I would definitely not call them perfect! Stay away girls! These boys are known as your typical heartbreakers. They sweep us off our feet because they say the things we want to hear. They usually have multiple girls on the side and play with our hearts, but all of us want to become the one girl who changes their ways. News flash: none of us can. They were born that way and will stay that way!

Finally, our last group the best friend type guys, seem like the last resort. Now these guys appear like good guys, I actually feel bad for them. They are our best friends, whom we come to and talk to about everything, but they have a huge crush on us. Sadly, we wouldn’t give them the time of day because we only see them as friends. They usually get upset hearing our guy drama, but we continue to tell them because we only see them as friends and nothing else. They never ever complain about it; at least one group of guys shows decency!

On the whole, boys equal headaches. Not every single boy fits into these four categories, but we’re lucky if we find one that doesn’t! Boys have become more serious to me as I have grown up. Now, finally, for me, my cooties fear has disappeared, but I’m now stuck with choosing the right guy!

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