Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places

October 15, 2007
By Amanda Shea, Melrose, MA

Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places

We all grow up looking for that significant other who relates to what we know, such as what our parents look like, or how they act. In some way, you always find something in that person - a name, a hair color, and the same personality, but have you ever thought about stepping out of the box and giving other people a chance? As they always say, opposites attract. People date and like different types of people in life: the preppy, the cute nerd, the bad boy, the average kid next door. What does this tell you as a person? Maybe you are open to different things, or maybe you stay with the same type of person. I don’t think that anyone will ever figure this one out. Maybe there is no type? Maybe we just judge people on what they look like and how they act.

Why do we discriminate against certain types? From birth, everyone is put in a social status: pretty, smart, rich, poor, etc. When we grow up knowing these things, we look for what we have known all throughout life. People enter your life on a daily basis: the cashier at Stop and Shop, the kid sitting next you in class, and your neighbor waving to you up the street. Have you ever thought of asking the kid next you in class out on a date? Probably not! Well, why not? It’s probably because he/she is not your type. So what? Step out side the box and try something new. Be adventurous. We’re all looking for that one, but why haven’t we found the one? Maybe because we are all looking for love in all the wrong places.

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