Teens and Book Buying Habits

October 12, 2007
Amung teenagers, its the cover that sells the book. One look and they know what they want. One glance and they have their conclusions tucked away in their pockets, never wondering if there could be something hidden; something to make them look again. But hey, what do you expect from these simple minded dwellers. Doing what they want to do just to be considered worth reading.

They always do it. Buying the "book" without questioning the "contents". Thinking they know what the story will be about just because of what it appeared to be. But not me. Its the story I want. The author, the mind and body behind the cover. To read what is on the pages of the book. Apparent, and between the text.

But it would be too much work for them. Having to read with an open mind and an understanding that looks can be decieving. What may look like the best book could just end up being the saddest disapointment of all. All covers should be burned, leaving only the story to be read and recieved.

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