Determining a Good Cheerleader

October 12, 2007
By Samantha Kohnen, Dell Rapids, SD

A Good cheerleader is not measured by the height of her jumps, but by the span of her spirit. My Cheer squad has its disadvantages but when we spirit on to those cheer floor mats, in front of two hundred three judges, all eyeing us down, we always bring it and give it all and pull it al together! We put in hours and work extremely hard to get ready for our next cheerleading competition. Many people say that cheerleading is not a sport and I most certainly disagree. When a team of individuals have early morning practices, sweat, get drilled by our coaches, and work as hard as our bodies will allow us, WE ARE A TEAM! Every practice we stretch for about ten to fifteen minutes, warm up our stunts, and work on our dance routine, and cheer. Our coach makes us work our butts off everyday and we work really hard, I mean we have to if we want to get first at state! Our last four competitions we have showed how hard we work. We got first every time. The squad has improved drastically from when we first started practicing. Even though we pretty much have a lot of skills, we still hit our moves and work on our stunts just like if we had never done them before. The adrenaline rushing through our bodies makes us that much better and tighter when we are out on the cheer floor performing. Our facials, jumps, stunts, and our spirit all come together when we are out there. We just make a kick butt squad! When we are able to work as hard as we are and prove and show to our fellow students, and others around us, how great we are! It is great of the thought knowing that when you are being watched, everyone around you, watching you, can see the spirit within you shining. Our squad is so determined to get first at state, so we have the honor to hang up a cheer state champion banner in our High School gymnasium. We really want to earn respect from the students around us. The squad tries so hard and outs our heart and soul into the sport of cheerleading.
Cheerleaders are not just people who jump around; they are a real team…the spirit of your school!

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