What Prevents You From Murdering People?

December 19, 2010
By , East Northport, NY
Now here is a question. It may seem simple, but put some thought into it. It is truly much more complex than ever imaginable. Why don’t you kill people? Now truly think about it, and answer it genuinely. I am sure that a large fraction of those who read this will be very confused, and even shocked that anyone could ask such a simple question. However, it is easy to assume what answers can come up from this.
I am sure a large fraction of you answered that you do not murder people because it is against the law. However, I am doubtful that this is the true reason. People break the law frequently, from driving over the speed limit, to even drug abuse in some situations. However, both of these laws are broken much more frequently than murder. How could this be, as they are all laws in the United States? If this is truly your reason, you must never break any of these other laws. Also, if this is true, then if you were certain that you could kill someone and get away with it, you would? The answer to this is probably no, so if this actually is the reason, it means that you must either be very uncreative, or have already become a serial killer.
A final reason that I imagine many of you will say is that they could not stand the way that their actions might affect others. By killing someone, you are taking them away from those that love, and care for them. It would take a horrible person to do such a crime, and if it would be traumatizing to those who had a personal connection with the victim. However, once again, this is most likely not the reason. If this was the true reason, then anyone who lives alone is useless, and simply wasting resources that could be used to fuel others who do influence people. Simply by being antisocial, they are insignificant to you.
I am also sure that another large portion of the people said that they do not kill people because they fear risk of judgment from god. In most religions it is against the religious code to do commit murder. And, there is no way to escape the deity’s all Seeing Eye, and then you will go to hell, move backwards in your cycle of reincarnation, etc. But again, this may not be the true reason. If this were true, then if god appeared in front of you and told you that there was no form of judgment, and god was impartial to the act of murder, you would just go around slaughtering everyone? If so, then I recommend immediately checking in to a mental institution.
So then what is it that prevents you from murdering people? I know for me, it is not a lengthy jail sentence, punishment from god, or harming those close to the victim that prevents me from murdering people, but something else. So what is it for you?

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Todd D said...
Dec. 27, 2010 at 6:33 pm

Ok, here is a super long answer as this was basically the exact question I did for homework:

It must first be said that people do murder in many different circumstances, whether it is an honour killing, capital punishment, war, etc. Therefore, it must be said that nothing prevents murder, but something acts as a deterrent. However, not all murder is considered bad by our societal standards, with the best example being in war. A war veteran, though, after murdering in war,... (more »)

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