halloween isn't what it use to be

December 3, 2010
By HollyLizard BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
HollyLizard BRONZE, Evanston, Wyoming
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Do you let your 12 year old kids go trick-or-treating? If you said ''NO'' to that question then why not? What is wrong about your 12 year or older kid going trick-or-treating,just as long as they are having fun. Now let your kids go trick-or-treating when they are twelve or older.

What are the little kids doing wrong? If you are one year old and it was the first time you were going to go trick-or-treating you can't use a mask!!!!!!!! It is banned in Oklahoma to where a mask for people 0 until you die and even then you might not get to wear a mask. Actually you can wear a mask, of course there are some conditions, you have to get it okayed by the cops. If you don’t and they catch you its a one hundred dollar fine. That is retarded to not even be a week old and you got our parents a one hundred dollar fine.

As a twelve year old you still want candy, don't you? Well of course your going to want candy, nobody's to old for candy, well most people anyway. If you ban your kid from it there never going to have a good childhood because you are rushing them to grow up to fast. Banning them will not stop them from vandalizing at all, as a matter a fact that will not help

it at all, it will get much worse. That is why 12 year or older kids need to be able to go trick-or-treating at least around there neighborhood so that they can have a little bit of candy, our even once they get a pound our two of candy.

Why do we need the cops to be involved with trick-or-treating? There are a few adults that have came into peoples houses and stole some of there nick-knacks and other personal items. So I can see why you would want to have cops in a couple of areas. There are also some people who have guns and/or knifes and they pretend like it is part of there costume, but then they end up murdering you when you answer your door to give out a candy our two. Also there are those dumb people who take pictures of the people and still there identity just because of that stupid picture that they took of you. That is bad because then they can do bad things under your name it is also refereed to as an identity theft our even an identity crisis-ed. That is why it is okay if the cops are patrolling the place but don't start banning 12 year olds from there candy. All twelve year olds love there candy so cops should let them have there candy for halloween!!!!!!!!!!!

You should let kids trick-or-treat with a mask. I mean what harm is a twenty day old child going to really do? Did you know that in Belleville III you can get a 25 dollar fine. Ouch!! Also in Pennsylvania they are fining 12 year olds for $ 250 if you go trick-or-treating, know tell me about being broke!!!!!! So get out there and fight for kids freedom to go trick-or-treating right know. That is what I think, is really stupid, so are you with me. I hope that that was a yah.

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